Recycling Scheme for Women and Youth Empowerment (RESWAYE).

Promoting sustainable communities through waste management initiatives focused on recycling, sustainable packaging, and marine litter reduction.


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At RESWAYE, we are on a mission to transform the environmental landscape by empowering women and youth through sustainable recycling solutions. Our pioneering buy-back program focuses on combating plastic pollution in the coastal areas of Lagos State.

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About Us

An NGO empowering women and youth.

The RESWAYE (RECYCLING SCHEME FOR WOMEN AND YOUTH EMPOWERMENT) initiative is focused on empowering women and youth through a system that rewards recycling services and practices. Our initiative aims to retrieve post-consumer waste from its point of generation into the recycling value chain, preventing ecosystem imbalance and promoting cleaner and more sustainable communities with inclusive economic growth and a circular economy through proper waste management, thus creating sustainable wealth.


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Plant Tree, Save Earth & Lives Secure the Future
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Goal $20,000
Emergency Response and School Food
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People that Need Clean Drinking Water
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Goal $12,000
Our Mission & Goal

Reducing marine pollution in Nigeria.

By empowering low-income women and young people in Nigerian coastal communities through plastic waste recycling.

Building Better Communities

Make communities cleaner through waste management.

Protecting Our Coasts

We collect, recycle, and promote responsible habits to fight plastic waste.

Empowering People

Create jobs and financial freedom for women and youth over 16.

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